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February 28, 2019
Radisson Blu Hotel

Seymartec air. Industrial Emissions – 2019


Hall Nº1


  • “On conducting an experiment on emission quotas in the Chelyabinsk region.”, Sergey Likhachev, Minister of Ecology of the Chelyabinsk Region
  • "Reducing the negative impact of enterprises on the environment.", Vladimirovich Korobkin, Deputy Head, Rosprirodnadzor, Chelyabinsk Region.
  • “The introduction of a new system of regulation of negative impact on the district. environment: integrated environmental permits ”, Oshchepkova Anna Zalmanovna, Deputy Director for Innovation, Ural Research Institute of Ecology.
  • “Peculiarities of Filing an Environmental Impact Statement”, Andrey Lagutin, Director General, NIIBTMET.
  • “National Ecology Project as a Key Model for Implementation of State Environmental Policy”, Olga Startseva, Chair, Ural Environmental Initiative.
  • “Equipping enterprises of the first category with systems of automated control of emissions into the atmosphere with additional functions.” Davrenov Nurzhan Maratovich, Leading Engineer, LLC “AvtoLab”.
  • “Methods and Methods for Building AIS BAT-Based Industrial Emissions Control.”, Ilyasov Alfred, Head, SICK.
  • “Industrial Environmental Control of Atmospheric Emissions at Enterprises Affecting the Environment”, Fedortsov Roman Sergeevich, Engineer for Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering, Federal State Unitary Enterprise SPO Analitpribor.
  • “Automatic control of emissions of metallurgical enterprises: practical aspects of solutions”, Radin Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich, Head of Ecometeo, ServiceSoft LLC.
  • “Implementation of BAT for Emission Reduction in PJSC MMK, Levashov Alexander Vladimirovich, Manager of the Laboratory for Environmental Protection, PJSC MMK.
  • “A Course on Achieving the Best Standards of Production and Environmental Safety”, Mikhailova Elena Nikolaevna, Chief Ecologist at PJSC “TMK”
  • "Criminal Liability for Environmental Offenses of Officials. Judicial and Environmental Expertise of Civil and Arbitration Claims."
  • “Systems for the Reverse Water Supply of Wet Gas Purification Metallurgical Units.”, Yuri Galkin, President, Eco-Project Group.
  • “Negative consequences of the impact of new ferrous metallurgy technologies on the environment and possible ways of overcoming them”, Oleg Sheshukov, Director of the Institute, FSAAU UOFU.


  • Switching to BAT.
  • Obtaining QER.
  • Introduction of quotas in the Chelyabinsk region.
  • Development and implementation of programs to improve environmental performance.
  • Existing State incentive programs.


  • Filtration and gas analytic equipment.
  • Complex automation of gas and aspiration air purification plants
  • Procedure and terms of environmental monitoring.
  • Environmental measures that will result in a fee adjustment for the negative impact on the environment.
  • Requirements for automatic measuring instruments at emission sources.

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February 28, 2019 | Radisson Blu Hotel | Chelyabinsk
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