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November 30 - December 2, 2021
Hotel "Radisson Blu"

Seymartec digital. Digital transformation in mining, metallurgy, energy and oil and gas industry – 2021


Day Nº1

Hall 1. Strategic session 1. Digital transformation and sustainable development management

  • Holding strategies in the framework of digital transformation
  • The role of import substitution technologies in the course of digital transformation of holdings and companies
  • Global digital transformation in the EAEU. Development areas and paths
  • Russian software and equipment for digital strategy implementation. Present and future
  • Operational transformation programs in the light of digital transformation
  • Focus areas of digital transformation of the companies of leading mining, oil and gas, energy industries

Hall 1. Technical and strategic sessions 2 to 4

  • Digital twin of the company
  • Artificial intelligence and expert systems
  • Prospects for the use of artificial intelligence
  • Digital master layout of a manufacturer
  • Digital transformation as one of the holding strategy focuses
  • Digital transformation: best practices using end-to-end technologies and taking into account the industry specifics of the company
  • Digital initiatives at the enterprise as a management resource

Hall 2. Conference “Digital security of the company. Cyber attacks on the information infrastructure”

  • Strategy for ensuring and developing cybersecurity at companies of a specific industry
  • Strategic approach to cybersecurity of industrial environments
  • Corporate Privacy and Cybersecurity Policy
  • Fight against system downtime as a result of security violations
  • Data protection regulations: current status and need for improvement
  • Ensuring cybersecurity in cloud computing
  • Workplace control and protection
  • Protection of large infrastructures in the digital transformation era
  • Cybersecurity of virtual and cloud environments
  • Protection against targeted attacks and complex threats
  • Information protection software tools
  • Cloud antivirus (CloudAV)
  • DLP (Data Leak Prevention) solutions. Special software solutions against data leak
  • Threat detection and elimination system

Day Nº2

Hall 1. Technical and strategic sections 5 to 8. Digitalization as strategic growth priorities

  • Timing of the changes and their management in the course of digital transformation, organizational design business models
  • Integration of production-level systems with business applications
  • A single cycle of planning, execution, control, accounting, and analysis of the company’s activities
  • Big Data & Analytics, ERP
  • BIM technologies
  • Unified data management system between plants
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Organization of data exchange in large corporations operating various information systems
  • Digital plant
  • Predictive analytics use
  • Production planning information systems
  • Diagnostics and forecasting of repairs at enterprises. MRO
  • Best practices of decision-making by information systems instead of people
  • Automated process control systems: available technologies and their relevance in the context of digital transformation
  • Open-pit mining automation and digitalization
  • MES systems
  • Transformation of the main production lines
  • Intelligent personnel control
  • Oil and gas industry process automation
  • Non-energy enterprise process automation
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Hall 2. Conference “Intellectualization and optimization of logistics and supply chains”

  • Application of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies in supply chain management
  • Building or modernization of a single digital logistics, processing and sales platform
  • Transition of digital tools for logistics specialists into an effective ecosystem
  • 3PL as the present and prospects for 4PL building
  • Digital twin of railway logistics
  • Automated monitoring of process parameters and material flows along the entire value chain (logistics, processing, sales)
  • Transport logistics control systems on non-public routes of manufacturing plants, industrial railway transport enterprises, terminals, ports
  • Organization of electronic document flow between the information system of the enterprise and transportation and logistics services suppliers
  • Building a centralized railway transportation management system
  • Improving the accuracy of railway transportation documents by means of elimination of double data input
  • A system for rolling stock movement monitoring at the company site or between the companies
  • TMS class software
  • Smart contracts and electronic document management prospects
  • Scheduling systems
  • Digitalization of logistics: movement of material flows and management of infrastructure development of various modes of transport
  • Digitalization of logistics: management of the development of trade exchange systems, production
  • Robotization of warehouse logistics
  • Internet of Things as a promising direction in supply chain management
  • Use of drones in supply chain management

Day Nº3

Hall 1. Technical and strategic sections 9 to 12

  • Sustainable development management and performance improvement through digitalization opportunities
  • Intelligent deposit concept
  • Virtual reality and digital transformation. Development task and launching the Digital Holding concept
  • Mine underground infrastructure and scheduling
  • Virtual reality and digital transformation
  • Computer vision technology
  • Machine vision use at a manufacturing plant
  • Machine hearing technologies
  • Introduction of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) devices

Hall 2. Technical and strategic sections 13 to 16

  • Focal areas of digital transformation of the leading enterprises of the mining, oil, and energy industries
  • Creation of digital competence centers as a management tool
  • Digital open pit, engineering data management, and other tools
  • Implementation of software robots, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology
  • Robotics and mechatronics: machine process operations
  • Reduction of response time to internal and external changes
  • Development of electronic document management systems
  • 3 D printing of components
  • Unmanned extraction technologies
  • Field modeling
  • Autonomous drilling
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November 30 - December 2, 2021 | Hotel "Radisson Blu" | Chelyabinsk
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