international conference
February 27, 2019
Hotel "Radisson Royal"

Seymartec metal. Modernization of steelmaking and rolling production – 2019


Hall Nº1


  • The transition from ingot casting to caster casting.
  • Efficiency of operation of the equipment for heating of a scrap at the expense of furnace (flue) gases.
  • Heat recovery of the cooling medium and use of evaporative cooling. Provision of gas recirculation at the enterprise.
  • Improvement of design of units and technological variants of purging.
  • Increasing the resistance of refractory lining.
  • Optimization of temperature-velocity modes of melting.
  • Prospects for the use of UPS.
  • Early detection and cut-off of slag.
  • Prospects for out-of-furnace treatment of steel in a ladle furnace installation.
  • Increasing the resistance of refractory lining.


  • Complex innovative solutions in rolling production.
  • Productivity and duration of equipment reconfiguration.
  • The thickness of the rolling material of the cold rolling mill and the solution to the problem.
  • New solutions in pipe production.
  • High value-added rental technology.
  • Units for hot dip galvanizing and polymer coating.
  • Standardization and certification of products, quality control technology.


  • Restructuring and phased modernization..
  • Resource-saving technologies.
  • Automation of basic metallurgy processes.
  • Solutions in the field of metallurgical raw materials and refractories.
  • Modern technologies of alternative metallurgy of cast iron and iron (mono and duplex processes, use of metallized raw materials).
  • Experience in the application of UPS in ferrous metallurgy.
  • Features of continuous casting of metal in ferrous metallurgy. Outside processing of steel.
  • Vibrodiagnosis of metallurgical equipment and non-destructive testing system.
  • Thermal engineering processes, temperature control and control. Modifiers.

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February 27, 2019 | Hotel "Radisson Royal" | Chelyabinsk
454000, Russia, Chelyabinsk, Truda, 179