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April 29, 2020
Innovation Center Skolkovo

Seymartec milk. Economic and technological efficiency of dairy farming – 2020

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Artem Belov
SoyuzMoloko, Executive Director
Moderator of the plenary session
Maxim Nikitochkin
Ernst & Young, associate director
Digitalization of dairy farming
Konstantin Tolstoshein
General Director, Dairy Farm "Zhupikov"
High profitability of the dairy farm and effective tools to reduce costs
Ivica Michael
Agrovent, Leading Specialist
Maintaining and increasing the economic efficiency of a dairy farm through the installation of a microclimate system
Eduard Shipilov
ROTA-AGRO, director
Market Analysis, Commodity Prices, New Trends


Hall Nº1

Section 1. Plenary session

  • Options for subsidies under federal and regional programs.
  • Distribution and receipt of land.
  • Electronic veterinary certification, milk traceability problem.
  • New risks and new opportunities. Market analysis. Development strategy.
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Section 2. Digitalization and robotization of a dairy farm

  • Herd management program, identification, BIG DATA, machine prediction, Smart-Farm and other IT solutions.
  • Sensors, information processing nodes, servers and data centers in the service of a modern farmer.
  • New models of robotics from leading manufacturers.

Section 4. Production modernization

  • Economic and technical aspects of modernization of dairy farm equipment, successful experience.
  • Innovative microclimate solutions, heat transfer, ventilation, gas analysis and cleaning.
  • New engineering solutions, farm design, successful experience.
  • Solutions for energy efficiency and lean manufacturing.
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Section 6. Milk Economics and Human Resources

  • Risk management system for interaction with milk processors, economic and legal aspects.
  • Training and retraining of qualified personnel, experience of industry training centers, high-tech specialties, taking into account current market requirements.
  • Increased profitability, cost reduction tools, successful experience.

Hall Nº2

Section 3. Smart feeding and forage

  • Selection of a diet aimed at increasing the productivity of the animal.
  • Successful feeding strategy: maintaining pH, portion planning, bioactive additives, minerals.
  • Equipment for automated feeding, results, smart-feeding.
  • The use of effective dietary supplements, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, seasonal mixtures, alternatives to antibiotics.
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Section 5. Genetic technology, selection, health

  • Genetic improvement of breeds, prospects for increasing efficiency, milk quality, health.
  • DNA diagnosis of heredity.
  • Cloning, Invitro reproduction method, creation of an embryonic center, cryobank of valuable genomes.
  • Disclosure of the genetic potential of animals, chromosome selection of pairs.
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Section 7. Cattle Care and Veterinary Medicine

  • Organization of a comfortable space and conditions of detention as a guarantee of increased productivity.
  • Hoof care, equipment for hoof service, interesting solutions.
  • VR technology for cows, a pilot project and current implementation results
  • Innovations in farm lighting and interesting solutions (red light of low intensity)
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  • Owners and directors of livestock complexes, dairies, agricultural complexes.
  • Technical directors, chief engineers, heads of supply departments, production and livestock directors, top management of leading service companies.
  • Executive representatives, leading experts and analysts.

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