IV international conference
February 26, 2020
Hotel "Radisson Blu"

Seymartec metal. Modernization of a metallurgical enterprise – 2020


Dmitry Nikolayevich Chigasov
MMK, leading engineer of the steelmaking processes and refractory materials group
"The current state of technology for the smelting, out-of-furnace treatment and casting of low-alloy pipe metal in the conditions of the MMK"
Vladimir Bayev
NLMK, Chief Specialist
"Electronic Waybill"
Kiekbaev Yernar Ermukhametovich
Eurasian Group, Development Manager for Metallurgy Projects, Metallurgy Department
"New Ferroalloys"
Head of a separate division in the city of Chelyabinsk
Endress + Hauser, Head of a separate division in the city of Chelyabinsk
“Building Effective and Safe Technological Processes Using Smart Instrumentation”
Konstantin Anatolyevich Moskovoy
PNTZ, head of the metallurgical production technology group
"Evaluation of technological factors affecting the formation of oxide non-metallic inclusions of the Al2O3 - CaO - MgO system"
Maxim Krasilnikov
Wepuko Pahnke, Project Manager
“An Effective Method to Achieve High Descaling”
Evgeny Menshov
Jet Infosystems, Head of Digital Optimization of Production and Business Processes
“Approaches to the optimization of continuous technological processes using machine learning methods”
Shamil Timurovich Ulbashev
NLMK, Chief specialist in production analytics, Department of Methodology and Development of Mathematical Models
Dynamic calculation of safety stock when forecasting demand and the order cycle for warehouses of distant rolling plants

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Hall Nº1

10: 00-12: 30 - Modernization and digitalization of sinter plant production

  • Improving the quality of input raw materials
  • Reuse of industrial waste in agricultural production
  • Equipment upgrade
  • Blast furnace lining
  • Digitalization of sintering production
  • Improving the quality of finished products
  • Reduce scrap costs

12: 30-16: 30 - Modernization and digitalization of steelmaking

  • Equipment modernization, new items
  • New technologies in steel production
  • The use of HBI
  • Improving the quality of steel, reducing scrap
  • New types of ferroalloys and modifiers
  • Out-of-furnace steel processing
  • Steelmaking Digitalization

16: 30-18: 30 - Modernization of rolling production

  • Modernization of rolling equipment, new items
  • Process Modeling
  • New types of steel, production of high value-added steel
  • Galvanizing and polymerization
  • Improving rental quality, reducing rejects
  • New rolling technologies
  • Digitalization of rolling production

Hall Nº2

Transport and Logistics

  • Ways to reduce fuel consumption of cargo vehicles. Working solutions
  • Alternative fuels, prospects for their use in the Russian Federation
  • Electrification of vehicles. The use of trolls
  • Ways to increase tire mileage and reduce tire costs
  • Unmanned freight transport. Prospects for the use of unmanned freight transport in the Russian Federation
  • Ways to reduce the accident rate for your own transport.
  • Automation of logistics processes. Improving the use of transport. Working solutions.
  • Effective methods of planning and monitoring the implementation of repairs of vehicles and railway infrastructure.
  • A system for recording downtime of equipment in repairs. New technologies.
  • Methods for assessing the effectiveness of repair services. Operational and costly KPIs.
  • New strategies for repair and replacement of equipment.
  • Alternative fuels for shunting locomotives, other ways to reduce fuel costs
  • Electronic document management in railway logistics
  • Use of unmanned locomotives on non-public roads
  • Automation of the functions of dispatching personnel
  • Automated planning of loading finished products
  • Automated raw materials approach planning
  • Rail traffic control systems to improve traffic safety
  • Positioning systems in railway transport
  • Alternative rolling stock for transportation of raw materials and finished products
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17:00 - 18:30 Panel discussion "Prospects for the development of containerization"

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February 26, 2020 | Hotel "Radisson Blu" | Chelyabinsk
454000, Russia, Chelyabinsk, Truda, 179